Co-Founder, Principal

After spending the first decade of my career peddling offerings of Wall Street, an unsettling led me to determine what I truly believe about investing. I treated my search as if I were an “agnostic investor”, not believing the mainstream investment theories. At the conclusion of my journey, I discovered a well-masked Wall Street secret: fund managers don’t beat the market.

The result of this “awakening” in 2005, led to the establishment of Steward Wealth Management. We desire to provide independent, objective advice without the conflict of interest of third-party commissions and incentives. As a “reformed broker”, I have firsthand knowledge of a prospective client’s existing situation. This unique background provides a convicting platform to deliver an alternative approach to wealth management. My passion is helping individuals make well-informed decisions about their investments, retirement, and estate planning.

I’m a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University with a degree in Finance and Banking. As a native of North Texas, I currently reside in Colleyville, TX, with my wife and two sons. I am active in my local church and civic activities