health insurance specialist

Confusing, Complicated, Expensive. These words, more so today than ever, have all been used to describe our health insurance system. The role of a health insurance broker as I see it, is to bring clarity and understanding to what is confusing and complicated, and to uncover value where some would argue it doesn’t exist.

This has been my mission for more than 25 years as an independent health insurance broker. I believe every client has their own unique circumstances and there is no single carrier or policy that is right for everyone. As a broker I take the time to understand the needs of my client, and armed with that knowledge I research the market to find the plan that best fits their particular situation.

Each of us at some point in our lives will be exposed to one of our insurance markets. The group market if health insurance is provided thru an employer, the individual market for those under age 65 without access to group coverage, and Medicare for those age 65 or older.

Each of these markets comes with different rules, regulations, and timelines, that if violated, unknowingly or not, can trigger unexpected taxes or penalties that could have major financial consequences. Having kept my career focused strictly on health insurance, I’m able to assist my clients with making a smooth, and hopefully painless transition as they move from one of these markets into another.

I have earned designations as a Chartered Benefits Consultant (CBC), and a Small Group Specialist (SGS). I am active in the National Association of Health Underwriters, serve on the Board of Directors for the Ft. Worth Assoc. of Health Underwriters, and have been the Legislative Chairman for Tarrant Co. from 2012 to present. In this position I have been invited to Washington D.C. on several occasions to meet with congressional leaders on the topic of health insurance under the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare).

I am a life long resident of Northeast Tarrant Co and have lived in Colleyville since 1997. My wife and I have been married 37 years and have two grown children. As empty nesters we enjoy traveling, running, and spending time with our granddaughter. 


Dale Mason is not employed by Steward Wealth Management.